Mediation Materials

  • Mediation materials should include a cover sheet with the date of the mediation, the case name, and the mediator’s name.
  • Mediation materials should be submitted to the mediator at least three working days before the mediation.
  • JDR mediators encourage counsel to exchange their written materials. Confidential information intended for the mediator only may be submitted separately.
  • Mediation materials may be delivered, faxed or emailed to JDR. A hard copy of substantial material is requested.
  • If you email your mediation materials, please email to as well as to the mediator. Please indicate if a hard copy is to follow. The staff member who receives the mediation materials will send a response email confirming receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call 206-223-1669.
Charles S. Burdell, Jr.
George Finkle
Bruce Heller
Larry A. Jordan
Paris K. Kallas
Linda Lau
Palmer Robinson
Steve Scott
Mediation Scheduling: 206-223-1669 or email
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Special Equipment needs:

Jocelyn Robinson
Client Coordinator
Main Line: 206-223-1669
Billing Questions:

Alonah Igama
Legal Billing Specialist
Direct: 206-442-1682